• Developing Future Leaders From Undeprivileged Communities

What We Are Doing

We lift up communities through rebuilding school infrastructure, supporting basic education of vulnerable children, and power up livelihoods and wholistic economic development of underpriviledged communities.

School Infrastucture

We support upgrade of sanitary infrastructure and have already supported 100+ children with school essentials.

Education of vulnerable children

We provide support of basic education to children from underpriviledged families as a fundamental opportunity as well as Mutuelle De Sante to 30 families of 161 people


We build proper bathrooms for underpriviledge children in schools.

Our vision for education.

Invest in the next world changers generation by providing scholarships and entrepreneurship skills to underprivileged children in south florida and rwanda ( africa ) and building strong community to live an abundant and fulfilling life